Thinking About Learning to Play Guitar Online? Hold on Before You Hit That Key


As a guitarist and online marketer, I see a lot of sites out there promoting the latest guitar learning site or software. Not to mention the onslaught of useless free videos teaching you how to play. So when I learned about another guitar lesson product recently, my first thought was it was another over priced series of useless DVDs delivered to your door 온라인홀덤

I have absolutely nothing against offline products. So after reviewing this particular course, this was packed with absolutely everything you need to be playing guitar with ease in a matter of months. There were 10 professionally presented DVD lessons, 5 audio CD’s to play along with, and a comprehensive lesson booklet. So what did that say to me? The quality of information and professional tips in this package means the student will have fun and be playing fluently in the shortest possible time.

You may be thinking that learning online exclusively without having to pop in some DVD’s might be the way to go because of the ease, but let’s consider some factors here. What if you couldn’t get access when you want to learn anytime, or you realize the total amount you paid for a membership to learn far exceeds what you expected because of lack of time you had to invest in your learning? Granted, you can find great low cost membership sites. But in reality, learning how to master the instrument will be an ongoing, sometimes a lifelong learning experience.

The way I see it, the combination of the two would be the best experience to learn guitar. Part of learning anything in life is best experienced in an interactive way with others. What better way is there than having that access to the members forum where you can chat with your instructors and other members about your progress? It’s the only way one can get the best learning experience.

Now what if an offline, tangible DVD guitar course you paid for one time included the access to this kind of membership and support? Bingo. You are on your way to guitar mastery without paying an arm and a leg for it..

The main core you purchase should be its video instruction. You should be able to get fully produced DVDs, each packed with lessons designed professionally to guide you step-by-step on your road to guitar mastery. Here’s what’s should be included in a guitar learning package:

A Detailed Guitar Lesson Book
Full-Length DVD’s Organized Into Sessions
“Active” Jam Tracks, Including Features for Turning Guitar Tracks On, Partial On or Off, As Well As Slow, Medium or Fast Play Features
Access to Members Only Forum Online
Lots of Supplemental Files Online (Songs, Music, Guitar Tabs, Tips and Tricks)
So What About Styles Covered in a Package?

One of the first things potential students want to know is “what type of guitar will I learn to play?” We all have our favorite styles of music, so it’s only natural that you’d be most interested in playing what you like. Look for a course that offers advanced training in all of the most popular styles that other courses lack. Acoustic, rock, classical and fingerstyle, blues, jazz, country and chicken picken’, R&B and funk guitar. And most importantly, your own style.

This is extremely important in my opinion as a musician, because with other online programs teaching you how to play the latest, greatest song out there, you would not be able to progress and develop the skills needed to play with style, in general and one all your own. This is what sets you apart from the rest if you dedicate yourself to it.